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Some Dental Tips

The “Three-Three” Rule:
It is a simple rule which states that you should devote at least 3 minutes 3 times a day to oral hygiene.

1. Proper Brushing:

Brushing with toothpaste that contains pyrophosphate which adheres to the tooth surface and inhibits the formation or growth of tarter (plaque & calculus). It also prevents teeth staining. You dentist can tell you which brush & paste is the size, shape & composition for you.

2. Proper Flossing of Teeth:

Flossing is such an easy thing to do, but so hard to accomplish. First, cut a section of the dental floss. Take the floss and wrap one end around your index finger of each hand. Slide the floss between your teeth all the way down to the gum line. Pull the floss out & repeat this step on the next tooth, changing to a new clean section of loss. That’s it!

3. Dental Care for Pregnant Women:

Evidence says that pregnant women who have gum disease are 7 times more likely to have premature delivery and low birth weight infants. You should visit your dentist at least once during pregnancy to clean your teeth and make sure you inform your dentist about your pregnancy. The second trimester is the perfect time to visit your dentist unless emergency.

4. Dental Care for Infants:

Clean the infant’s teeth twice a day with cotton balls dipped in clear water. Do not give your child, bottle, containing milk, juice or any flavored or sweetened drink, as a daytime or nighttime pacifier (to stop it from crying); use of plain water is the better choice. Teach your child to drink from as cup. Refrain from giving the infant pacifier dipped in jelly or sugar.

5. Dental Care for Elderly:

Elderly people are more susceptible to oral disease. Dry mouth, root decay, gum disease, darkened teeth, mobility etc. are common problems among the elderly. These occur due to the decreasing immunity due to aging. Partial or full dentures should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that no food os left on the dentures that can contribute to gum disease. Gum disease can further cause Diabetes, BP & cardiac problems. Your dentist will tell you how to maintain oral hygiene I old age.

6. Dental Care for Special Children:

Special children should be given special attention as dictated by their specials needs. Expertise of dentist who have undergone specialized training can provide these children the care they deserve. We at dental Galaxy are specialized to help special children (Epileptic, Mentally retarded, dumb and deaf etc.) with their dental care. Going to the Dentist: Dentists say, most important part of tooth care happens at home. Brushing and flossing properly, along with regular dental checkups (every 4-6 months), can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.